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"Chiara's Tuscany" is a Love Affair with Tuscany & the Italian language

We offer language services and promote a new way of Learning Italian and discovering Tuscany. This is NOT a school, this is Experiential Learning and Experiential Travelling.
We can help you discover Tuscany as well as learn or improve the Italian language through e-learning, language retreats for a full immersion into language & culture or single experiences, that you can easily choose from our list. You can either combine the single experiences with Italian lessons or enjoy on their own according to your holiday schedule.
You may also like reading our BLOG for bite-size Italian lessons, articles about Tuscany, places to see and its people.

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About me

After many years spent in US, England and around Europe teaching languages and working as translator, I decided it was about time to come back to this part of the world I call Home. For many years I have been organizing Language Study Holidays and Cultural Trips to Tuscany.

Passionate about the Italian language, this region and its people, I love creating unique experiences to get closer to the language without having to attend a traditional school. I believe in a new way of Learning Italian and Discovering Tuscany through emotions and hands-on experiences. I call it Experiential Learning & Traveling.

I want to teach you how to fall in Love with learning a new language!

During the years, I realized that my dream of keeping in touch with my students all over the world and of having complete creative freedom over my life could be realised by teaching Italian via an online platform. That’s why I LOVE our on-line Italian courses. E-learning I think it is just the perfect way to make time for ourselves.

Language Learning is my Therapy.

It completely occupies our minds letting us unplug from “ all the rest”. We may find difficult to plan a few days away, but surely we can manage 1 hour a week for ourselves, to take our mind somewhere we love. Choose your teacher and look forward to your weekly “appuntamento”.

I hope to be that special teacher you choose!

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