Translations Services

We have a team of professional mothertongue translators specialised in various fields and we offer reliable services at competitive prices.
Translations from English & French to Italian and from Italian to French and English in the following fields:
· Medical – Scientific translation
· Legal translation
· Literary translation
· Travel & Tourism translation

We also provide :

Transcription Services: Our clients upload audio recordings of interviews, legal documents, podcasts or videos, we deliver high quality transcripts.
Proof Reading: Translation proofreading is often the final stage of the translation process. Our experts go through, proofreading and editing the content to spot any errors. Proofreading is not an automated work, it is one area where human intervention is really important.
Transcreation: Transcreation is a high form of translation, it is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.
The transcreation process allows your work to be connected to a foreign target audience in the most effective way, while retaining your message through cross cultural and linguistic borders.

Translation quote

Quotes on translations are given upon request and they might vary according to the type of document.
An honest and realistic quotation will be given following evaluation of type of work and total amount of pages to be translated.
The cost of a translation shall be calculated using word count in the source language, unless otherwise previously established in writing. Once the quotation is provided by ChiarasTuscany, the Translation request must be sent by email, including the price established by the parties.

Pay-After Delivery

Together with my team, I genuinely trust our clients. That is why I am happy to offer a Pay After Delivery system.
Please note: It is advisable to provide reference or background documents when requesting translation of technical documents, including drawings, diagrams or explanations, in order to provide a better understanding of the documents to our translators.
In the event that a client cancels an order, all work which has already been translated shall be billed at 100%, while work which is suspended shall be billed at 50%.
For further details and information write to