About me


After many years spent in US, England and around Europe teaching languages and working as translator, I felt it was about time to come back to Tuscany, the place I still call Home.

For many years I have been teaching Italian and organizing study holidays and cultural trips in Tuscany. Based between Siena and the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany, I love creating unique experiences to get closer to the language without having to attend a traditional school.  I promote a new way of Learning Italian through emotions while  discovering la Dolce Vita and whatever makes life in Italy and Tuscany so unique.     

This is NOT a traditional school, this is Experiential Learning Online & in person I want you to fall in love with learning a new language! I can help you learn or improve the Italian language through highly customized e-learning that can be followed by in person full immersions into a variety of language & culture experiences typical of the Italian way of life. Think of my on-line lessons as a journey through the language, Tuscany life and Italian lifestyle. Discover life in Italy, learn about coffee culture, the importance of food, understand la Bella Figura and the meaning of Dolce Far Niente

My soulful way to learn Italian : Let’s talk about feelings, discover the Italian way of expressing them while talking about music or books… in preparation for your next trip over here or while dreaming of it. 

Make time for your-self! Start your journey with me when you feel ready, wherever you are! We might find difficult to plan a week away from our lives but we surely can manage 1 hour a week for ourselves, to take our mind away , somewhere we love.

Choose your teacher carefully, someone who can inspire you and look forward to your appointment with him/her. I hope to be that “special tutor” you choose.

See you soon or…. arrivederci a presto!