Italiano al Dente – Italiano a tavola – Level 2

Intermediate , Low Advanced

If you are able  to maintain a simple conversation in Italian, need practice and would like to increase your vocabulary while finding out more about Italian lifestyle, curiosities, from Gelato to places to visit out of the beaten track, this course is for you.  Conversation and Reading included.

Part I – LA CULTURA DEL CAFFE’: Coffee culture in Italy. Revise how to order in a bar, increase vocabulary about coffees, food & drinks, discover Italian habits while practicing the grammar. Verbs at Present and Past, Courtesy forms , colloquial expressions, express preferences, regular & irregular verbs.

Part II- Dal GELATO alla CUCINA Toscana in Europa: Discover the history of Gelato in Italy, Medieval and Renaissance cuisine in Tuscany and how it is linked to French cuisine. Curiosities & fun facts.  Revise how to order and express preferences. Read and understand recipes. Grammar: Likes and dislikes, Avere & Essere, Regular and Irregular verbs, Verbs: the Past.


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